About Me

I am a painter, potter and ink artist. Ever since I can remember I’ve been painting, drawing and making something with my hands.

When I was eight, I had my first formal art teacher and painted ducks flying over a pond. This piece still hangs in my mom’s house.

She taught me the most important lesson in creating art. When an artist signs his name, he should honor the one, who gave him the gift to create it. She reminded me that I didn’t paint this alone. To this day, all of my work has a small cross below my signature, humbly inked, painted or scratched in.

I haven’t stopped creating since then and love it when my four children join me in the adventure. If you ask my wife, I am happiest when the living room and hearth are covered with canvases, brushes and clay. She doesn’t even mind the paint smudge on the couch.



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