Black Jacket Symphony Jay

A recent pen and ink drawing featuring Jay Willoughby of the Black Jacket Symphony. It’s been a while since I’ve done any pen and ink portraits. This is an example of a more “loose” style that I’m trying to fine tune.

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Upside Down Tears

This is a large shallow bowl/plate created using a smooth, durable stonewear clay. It measures approx. 10 inches wide, is safe for food use and dishwasher safe. Very durable glazes and gloss over glaze used.

I found this image online and loosly recreated and altered it. I’m starting to really enjoy the challenge of kiln firing a painting you’ve spent hours creating. Some survive, some crack and explode in the kiln. Pottery’s real lesson is patience.


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Leaf Cello Player


This is a acrylic painting that measures 2 ft wide x 4 ft tall. My Mom claimed this painting as soon as I was finished and it now hangs in her home. I can recreate this painting using your color choices and framed to your specs.

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Beneath an Orange Sky

This was created using an old book, lots of glue, a little pottery clay and paint. I used a router to dig the square hole in the book about halfway through the thickness, then painted the sunset. The figure is made from clay and represents my wife enjoying a sunset. Once all was assembled, it was given to my wife as a present. I hope she liked it…….


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Angel in the Sky

I painted this angel as part of a three painting series. This was the second. I’ve always liked the elongated neck and the off-center placement.


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Pottery/Glass Bead Windchime #2

The second windchime so far in a series made from pottery tops, glass beads and a melted beer bottle. This one utilizes many different colors of pottery and beads and a cobalt blue beer bottle (BudLite Platinum). Get yours soon….they are going fast! Only $35


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Rustic Glazed Pitchers

These are hand built from stacking clay coils individually and ensuring a watertight seal with each added layer. The glazed used was a happy accident that I wish I knew the formula, so that I could recreate and use more often. The larger vessel could be used for tea, while the smaller would be perfect for coffee creamer…..or really anything. All are glazed with a food-grade safe glaze and dishwasher safe.


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Handcoiled Rustic Bowl

This bowl is handmade by rolling individual coils and stacking them one on top of the other to create the desired look and feel. It measures approx. 7 inches wide like a standard bowl and the glaze used is food grade and dishwasher safe. I made 1 gallon of this glaze and loved the results, but did not write down what I mixed, so recreating this exact glaze is now impossible. Available now for $25


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Picasso’s Cello Player Salad Plate

Picasso style themed salad plate featuring a dishwasher and microwave safe glaze with a gloss finish. Sold as a single plate for $30.


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Wine Bottle Salad Plates

This set of 2 plates measures approx. 8 inches wide and a perfect size for salads. Each features a different hand painted wine theme. The glaze used is dishwasher and microwave safe and extremely durable with a gloss finish. Available as a set of 2 for $40 or $25 separately.


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